who was adrienne von speyr?

Adrienne von Speyr as a student.jpg

Born September 20, 1902 in La Chaux-de-Fonds,Switzerland, Adrienne von Speyr was a laywoman, wife, medical doctor, spiritual writer, and Catholic mystic.

Originally a Reformed Protestant, she converted to Catholicism on the Feast of All Saints, November 1, 1940 under the spiritual direction of the famous Jesuit theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar.

After her conversion, Speyr began to have many mystical experiences of the Trinity and the saints. While in a state of contemplative, mystical prayer, she dictated to von Balthasar almost 70 books, including commentaries on the Bible and various theological topics. With von Balthasar, she co-founded a secular institute, Johannesgemeinschaft (Community of St. John).

Her mystical experiences grew in frequency until her death in Basel, Switzerland on September 17, 1967.

She was buried on her sixty-fifth birthday, September 20, 1967, in Basel.

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