new translation available - Book of All Saints

There will be a new Adrienne von Speyr translation available from Ignatius Press on March 28, 2008.  It is call the Book of All Saints.1274553-1373122-thumbnail.jpg

You can preorder it with them here or with another online bookstore.

This book is the first volume of the collection of posthumous works published by the Johannes Verlag.  For English-speaking von Speyr scholars (and it is possible to be such), this is quite exciting.  While I have read several of the entries in the German, it will be nice to have a translation of this profound work.  Rather than being a biography of the saints, this book gives us an interior image of the saint's prayer life. 

I am encouraged by Ignatius Press publishing this very mystical work of hers.  When this book becomes available, perhaps the English-speaking world will start to take more notice of Adrienne von Speyr as a major Christian mystical figure of the twentieth century.