new articles on von speyr

Two new articles on Adrienne von Speyr have appeared recently in the journals Communio and Modern Theology.  The first perhaps you have seen.  Adrian Walker is always worth reading.  The second is an important contribution to understanding von Speyr's theological anthropology.

- Adrian J. Walker, "The Gift of Simplicity: Reflections on Obedience in the Work of Adrienne von Speyr," Communio 34 (Winter 2007).

- Michele M. Schumacher, "Ecclesial Existence: Person and Community in the Trinitarian Anthropology of Adrienne von Speyr," Modern Theology 24(2008):359-385.

Here is the abstract of Schumacher's article:

"Best known for her extraordinary influence upon Hans Urs von Balthasar, Adrienne von Speyr is perhaps overshadowed by the same. Here is an effort to expose her profound mystical insights concerning the specifically Trinitarian dimension of anthropology. Of key significance is the concept of surrender, whereby the human person participates in the fundamental disposition of Christ, whose self-gift is revealed as obedient receptivity vis-à-vis the Father and loving generosity vis-à-vis the world. This in turn is revelatory of the eternal surrender of each divine Person to the Others in a continuous exchange of love. The human person thus participates in divine life by the means that characterize it: love of God and neighbor."

Enjoy these fine articles and please comment on them here.