where is adrienne von speyr buried?

Adrienne von Speyr, who died in September 17, 1967, was buried three days later on her sixty-fifth birthday in Basel, Switzerland next to her husband, Werner Kaegi.  Here's a map of the Basel cemetery Friedhof am Hörnli, which is also the same cemetery where Karl Barth was buried.

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Here is the location of her tombstone in the cemetery.

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When you visit, you will see her unique tombstone, which symbolically represents the circumincession of the Trinity.  It was carved by Albert Schilling, who also carved the altar in the Basel Allerheiligen church.

Tombstone of Adrienne Kaegi - von Speyr (1902-1967)

"I believe as best I can; I hope as best I can; I love, finally, as best I can. But the Son's love--and in it the love of the triune God--is infinite, accompanying the dying through death and leading them to their place in eternal life" (Adrienne von Speyr, The Mystery of Death, 114).