prayer for liberation from oneself

Lord, set me free and take me to yourself. You have shown me the chains that hold me back from my way, and if they still exist to hinder me, it is for no other reason than that in my heart of hearts I am not yet willing to detach myself from them.

How often I moan and groan and regret having so little freedom, whereas all I really mean are the obligations that daily life and my profession entail; but these obligations do not really block my path, they do not affect its essential course, at most its outer form; if anything, they are perhaps just little tests.

What weighs so heavily does not come from outside; it lives and takes shape in my own self-- I mean everything to which I am attached, which I am not disposed to renounce, which serves me as a crutch and a convenience, everything to which I believe I have a right.

Take, Lord--I am trying to ask you for this sincerely-- everything that in my eyes is part of my rightful spiritual property, but that paralyzes my love for you, that makes your love for my neighbor stop flowing and freeze solid.

Let me disappear in the flow of your love to all men, so that it can pour itself out unhindered. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 54-55