in your passion

Lord, in your Passion your glory disappears more and more; as the Son of man, you become pure man, so infinitely like us in your misery and nakedness.

And if we contemplate these things-- whenever you grant us to behold them in truth-- we remain before them as if out of time, and what we experience is terrifying in its duration, but even more terrifying because of its content. All that we are enters this state of being only man, which is solitude, yes, abandonment.

You suffered for us immersed so deeply in the night that we no longer even know that there is a Resurrection.

Lord, the burden of our sins on your shoulders is becoming unbearable to us. Design the way, give it the form you wish, the form of a cross, if need be. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, pg. 56