God's glory illuminated her and her lamp was the lamb

Lord of omnipotence and lord of impotence, you reveal both at once in your holiness: your omnipotence, which can overcome and direct each one of us, and your impotence, which has to wait upon the love and surrender of each one of us.

Whenever someone is ready to take the way that you yourself are and that you prepare for him, you place at his disposition your entire holiness as the light in which he can walk.

Without this light that you provide, there would be no portal for him to find and no way before him. Without your light, none of those who believe in you would attain even a slight degree of holiness.

For our holiness is the meeting of your light with the faith in us-- the faith we have always received from your light in the first place. And you allow us to reflect its beams together with you.

In the midst of the city, you have set up the sign of your Son's Cross as the sign of the highest holiness. And when you let your people walk the way of holiness, you give them, in the mode and manner that pleases you, this Cross for the journey, so that they may accept it, bear it, and bring it back to you, the almighty God, in your Son's company.

You allow your Son, accompanied by your saints, to give back the Cross he bore, but you also receive it jointly with the Son, so that he may see that you, Father, recognize in every one of your servants the countenance and the work of your Son.

You have given these servants the gift of holiness that you Son won for them on the Cross. In order that he may learn in perfect love for you that you have accepted his perfect offer, you allow the imprint of the Cross to be seen in the sacrifice your saints only attempt to after you.

All of us who have received from John the message of the perfect city want to serve you with renewed love, with renewed faith and renewed hope. We all want to use all our failing strength to help in the realization of your Son's work, so that his glorification of you, Father, may be manifested also in us and in all who are entrusted to us in your whole Church. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, pgs. 61-63