prayer in the morning

Father in Heaven, you divided day from night so that both might become a reminder and a joy for us: a reminder to think of you, a joy that we can serve you in any way.

So let this day that is just breaking also belong to you. Let it be a day of your Church, a day of your children.

It is still entirely fresh, and it is as if anything might yet be formed from it. And we know that it is your property, for you have created it, and that in obedience to you we should make of it a day of election, a space wherein you could be at home at any and every instant, a space that is filled by you, but in which you also demand of us the service of the task that you assign us.

Let us be pure, give us the gift of a good disposition, let us do cheerfully whatever our service requries.

You divided day from night, but do not let us constantly divide what we do with willing ease from what appears toilsome to us. Let us rather accept with joyful thanks everything the day brings as coming form your hand, let us enter into the spirit of it, let us make of it what you intended.

Let us be clear of hearing as the day is clear, transparent to you. And if the day has turbid and unclear moments,we shall know that these are the unclarities of our unsure nature,of our ignorance, which finds decision hard.

You not only divided, from the very beginning you decided: let us also enter with ecision into our task and decided just as you expect us to. You divided day from night for love, let it take root in us, let us bring together with your Son every day's work before you so that it may be performed out of your Spirit. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 11-12.