prayer at the beginning of mass

Lord, we have come together in your house. Let us recognize by more than outward signs that we are in your dwelling place.

Let us, I pray, feel your Spirit, so intensely that we kneel before you already transformed, ready to receive everything you want to show us, ready to leave behind everything that is incompatible with you.

And just as we shut the door behind us when we entered your sanctuary, let us forget what belongs only to this world, what tends to distract our thoughts from you, everything that does not pertain to your love and that is incapable of serving it.

For you see how weak and imperfect we are, what an effort it was finally to make up our minds to come to you today, how much we make of every hindrance, how eager we are to take other paths than yours.

So take away, Lord, our hard heart. Let us nourish pure thoughts, let us know deep in our spirit that we are in your house, that we are awaiting you, that you have promised and given not only your presence before us but also your indwelling in us.

Bless this hour. Yet bless it not only for us but for all who spend it here with us. For the priest who is celebrating, for all priests who are celebrating Mass around the world today, and for all those who are prevented from celebrating.

Bless it for all believers, for the whole communion of saints. Bless it, too, for all who are on their way to you, who have not yet received the gift of faith, for those who perhaps burn in expectation of the moment when they may at last appear before you.

Bless it in our lands, bless it in the missions, bless it wherever men are, and bless it so that they may bear fruit, that, standing before you free from ourselves, we may look upon no one but you.

That we may at last follow the path that leads away from us toward you. That during this hour we may not turn our minds to all sorts of things that have nothing to do with you, but may prayer for what you point out to us; with an open spirit, because you open your Spirit to us, with a humble heart, because you wish to dwell in such hearts, with a loving soul, because you are love itself. Bless, open, grant us love. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers. 13-15.