prayer after communion

Father, you have given us the gift of your living Son, and you allow him to come to us again and again in the Host. You bestow him, not as just any life, but as life of your life.

Let us welcome him in the fullness of his divine power, which he possesses through his abandonment. Let us yield to him, so that he can work in us by the Holy Spirit. So that, despite all our failings, he may feel at home in us and can go forth from our heart to carry out your will in us; so that we may do nothing to frustrate or diminish his work in us.

Do not permit us to measure everything in our limited way, to take precautions and to feel worries that have nothing to do with him. Let us, as far as we are able, emulate and follow him.

There are so many whom you grant today the grace of receiving him; allow each one of them to take along all the others who are hindered from coming, who are not admitted, or who do not yet know your Son as they do.

We thank you, Father, that you let your Son become man, that you allowed him to make the sacrifice of the Cross and also granted him the sacrifice of the altar. We thank you for every grace that each one of us receives through him.

But leave our thirst for these graces, permit us always to yearn for them; not only for ourselves but for all those for whom your Son died on the Cross and who, by the power of the triune God, will rise again with him and through him.

Father, bless every communion, make the meaning of the Eucharist come every more alive in your Church. And do not let this vital sense be bound to the limits of our knowing and willing, but let it pour itself out unhindered from its source: eternal life.

In our thanksgiving we are united with all those who know you and who are permitted to receive the benefits of your Son's mission. And with all those who endeavor to consecrate their lives to you as a proof of their thanks.

Grant us the strength to give these thanks a form in which you can recognize your Son's hand at work and can perceive in the spirit of our thanks your Holy Spirit and can use us for whatever you will.

Give us a willingness that comes from your Son's willingness, let us become loving by sharing in the love with which he achieved his mission, the mission to love you in perfect obedience and thereby to redeem us for you. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 17-19