prayer at evening

All who believe in you, Lord, see how night is falling; their daily work is through, grant them rest. A rest that comes from you, that accompanies them, that relieves them of the burden of the day, of its cares and its anxiety, and leaves them wholly refreshed.

Give them wholesome thoughts and fruitful prayer. Let them feel you nearby. Let them learn of your kindness. Let them fall asleep thinking of you. And when the wake again, may they know that you were at their side and that you will order everything again for the coming day and will not abandon them but will come to their aid.

You can do this: you can give them new strength, give them a new outlook on things, allow them to begin again.

Be with those who sleep and with those who cannot sleep. And if they cannot sleep because they are racked by worry, ease their anxiety.

And if they cannot sleep because they are in pain, show them the meaning that you yourself put inside suffering, so that, through the pains they must now undergo, they may feel your presence.

Give them profitable thoughts that can follow them even in the severest torments. Welcome graciously whoever dies this night, bring him to the Father as your brother, efface his sins from your memory, grant him a new life that lasts for ever.

And be with your Church. Be inside all those darkened churches that are empty of men during the night, the churches i which you alone keep vigil with your small sanctuary lamp. Fill the whole space with your presence so that those who enter tomorrow morning may receive the gift of a new strength in prayer.

Be with your whole Church, who is your bride, let her live as a bride, never led astray by any temptation. Grant her above all the gift of that love which united you with your Mother, the love by which the Mother became a bride for you, just as today your entry holy Church is destined to become your bride.

Sanctify the whole creation of your Father; live in everything your Father has created as a sign that his work is good, as confirmation of the reality of the redemption

And let the Hoy Spirit blow through the world so that it might be converted and that you might bring back to the Father his redeemed creation in its fulfillment. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 20-22.