prayer before the tabernacle

Lord, I would like to thank you for your presence, for seeing in this house the house of your Father and for dwelling in it; you did not want to be far from us and hidden with the Father and the Holy Spirit, but to continue to abide in our midst as the way that leads to the Father. As the way by which we also come into possession of the Holy Spirit.

I would like to thank you for being here, concealed in the mystery the Host, yet so very present that it is you yourself who teach us to pray and who help us to live. So very present that we come in order to receive and to take the gifts your presence brings us: the assurance of faith, the love of your dwelling among us.

Lord, you know how weak we are and how far we have turned away, you know that w consider everything else more important than you; yet you keep leading us back to this place where you abide in rode to change us.

Lord, let your Holy Spirit take possession of us once and for all, so that on all our ways we may know that you are walking with us, that you help and answer us. For you do not make us worship you like some distant sovereign but are a brother who loves us and who accompanies us constantly.

Let us live for this love that unites you with the Father in the Holy Spirit. Let us precise it, t least sense its presence everywhere, so that we may no longer hinder its working but may pervious to your grace; so penetrable that weigh your help we may live in your service and collaborate in your work. In this way we will lead to you more who love you, in order to multiply in the world that love which desires to encounter you, the Father, and the Spirit.

Your presence here is the presence of your love for us, it is wholly an act of love, which also embraces every state, every disposition of love.

When you became man and dwelt among us as a child, your Mother was at your side. She lavished on you the purest love, but even this love was a gift of your presence, a gift that you made her.

It was a mother's love that smoothed your way, that served you, that had no other interest than caring for you, while adoring the Father in the Son. You formed this maternal love to be a example for us too. Teach us to look at your Mother, let us draw our love for you from hers, let us adore you with her and together with her be well pleasing to you in the same service of love. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 22-25