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I am always struck by the central theme of obedience in von Speyr's works. 

I recently did a presentation as a guest lecturer for the Carmelite sisters in Milwaukee.  For the presentation, I chose the evangelical virtue of obedience and used the chapter on obedience in Adrienne von Speyr's book They Followed His Call.  The focus of the class was on the first sentence, "To be a child of God means to be obedient, to draw on an obedience that has its source in the obedience of the Son himself, in order to live by it." (Speyr, They Followed His Call, 58).  Our obedience as children of God must imitate the obedience of the true child of God, the Son, and this imitation is of the crucified Son who "became obedient unto death, even death on a cross" (Phil 2:8).  These Carmelite sisters, who have committed themselves to redeeming the world by their daily obedience to God through their Mother Superior, were really moved by the Holy Spirit in what Adrienne von Speyr had to say about obedience.  Through this presentation on her theme of obedience I could see them widening their horizon of daily obedience to take in the great landscape of the eternal obedience of the Son of God.