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best secondary bibliography

Long in progress, I am pleased to announce the most comprehensive secondary bibliography on Adrienne von Speyr ever available.

This accomplishment is significant in that it gathers together the not yet connected scholars of Adrienne who are needing each other to grow toward the next era of scholarship on Adrienne. She has been and will be such a gift to the Church. Will you step in?

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jacques servais - scholars of adrienne series

Padre Servais 24 2 2017.JPG

As we enter even deeper into this series of scholars of Adrienne series with the first and second, let’s enter into this new and special scholar.

I would like to introduce probably the one scholar who has been the most present spiritually to the movement of Adrienne in the Church. Please meet this wonderful scholar, Fr. Jacques Servais, S.J.. In spiritual, academic, and ecclesial works, Fr. Servais, a Jesuit with the highest academic credentials, has grown the significance of the spirituality of Adrienne, especially for young adult men through his Casa Balthasar and his new endeavors with the Accademia Balthasar. While I have not yet met Fr. Servais in person (we came close when I visited Rome in 2005), I have met several people touched by him, such as Fr. Justin Matro, O.S.B. and Nicolas Faguer. These good men presented the goodness of Fr. Servais. I am so thankful and I know you will be when you begin to enter his scholarship and ecclesial mission. Enjoy!


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barbara albrecht - scholars of adrienne series

Continuing from my first post in this series highlighting scholars of Adrienne, our next scholar is the important early reader and friend of Adrienne, Barbara Albrecht.


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michele schumacher - scholars of adrienne series

Michele Schumacher

michele schumacher - scholars of adrienne series

The mission of this website is dedicated to advancing the theological study of Adrienne von Speyr. As such, I am beginning a new series on highlighting the best scholars who have and who are working on understanding the world of Adrienne von Speyr. The first scholar I would like to highlight in this series is Dr. Michele Schumacher, a private docent on the theology faculty of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, who has been a regular speaker and writer for important Catholic institutions and publications in Europe and the United States.

Dr. Schumacher’s most important work so far on Adrienne is her excellent study A Trinitarian Anthropology: Adrienne Von Speyr and Hans Urs Von Balthasar in Dialogue With Thomas Aquinas, published by CUA Press in 2014, and will stand for a very long time as the definitive work on Adrienne’s theological anthropology. Of the many things I love about this book is the in-depth study of the intimate connections of the theologies of Adrienne and Balthasar.

As you will see below, she also has very many articles and chapters demonstrating her great accomplishments with furthering the theological study of Adrienne. Enjoy!

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