he descended into hell

"Your Son, Father, let himself be sent beyond his death on the Cross into hell, into that most abandoned, most desolate region in which no living man has ever set foot. He did this in order to share better in all your mysteries, in order to show you that he is never complacent in your service, in his love for you. He offered you the "extra" by going even farther with his descent into hell. Father, since we know what your Son suffered and endured for our sake out of love for you, let us prove ourselves grateful for it. Moved by the same love that you give to your Son in the Holy Spirit, let us attempt to offer to you and to him everything we do and suffer, hope for and love, in a manner pleasing to you. Do not let the grace of your Son be wasted on us. Let our answering Yes resound with such ringing finality that you can accept it as an irrevocably valid word. You can really hear it as such, because the overflowing love and grace of your Son that are bestowed upon us guarantee that his own powerlessness to go on will be inserted where our feeble powers fail, in order thereby to round out our mere attempt to an actual accomplishment, indeed, to his accomplishment, which he presents to you, to your eternal light, through his descent into darkness."

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and Men, pg. 66 - 67