new book - una donna nella chiesa

Last year, a new book about Adrienne von Speyr, Adrienne von Speyr: Una Donna nella Chiesa, was published in Italian by Marcello Paradiso, an Italian theologian, who is a priest in the diocese of Termoli-Larino.

The book provides a wonderful summary of the major themes of Adrienne’s thought focused on her spirituality of vocation, confession, and obedience. From what I can understand from the work, Marcello advocates for Adrienne as a gift to the church’s continued need for reform and growth through a closeness to the mystical and spiritual traditions of the church.

For my Italian readers, I highly recommend this work and look forward to your comments about it as I presently do not speak or read Italian very well. If you would like to review this work and be published on this website, please send your interest to me on my contact page. Until then, enjoy this new scholarly work on Adrienne. Godere!