new primary domain, new primary mission

About a decade ago, I began this website as a way to share my doctoral research on Adrienne von Speyr. Here was my first post. That original idea has grown into being an international hub for connecting scholars, saints, speyrians, and so many others interested in Adrienne von Speyr.

I wish I could share the diversity and beauty of all those that have visited and learned from this website. For me, I have met all kinds of people in and outside the church that are fascinated by Adrienne ā€” such as high ranking church officials, discerning atheists, intense mystics, exploring theologians, simple priests, exuberant sisters, and so many wonderful friends. Wow. The Lord has used this website for so much good in the church. And It all began with that one small yes to the inspiration to make a website devoted to Adrienne von Speyr

As this website enters into its second decade, I would like to guide this work into a new domain:

The original works great as well as the other variants,, and

The reason for the change is to make this website more clear about from whom we are learning, about whom we are talking, and for whom we are advocating.

Adrienne is a world, a saint, and a doctor of the church. I will speak more about these missions soon and Iā€™m so excited to share about this news, but all in proper ecclesial time - Lent before Easter.

This website has been a passion and mission for me. The cost of this website is a worthy cause. I strive for designed beauty and substantive writing. All together this website costs $260 for one year of website domain management via and also website design via These services are the best that I have found for consistent, safe, and beautiful hosting of this important mission. If you find this website valuable for yourself and others, please consider donating here.

Adrienne von Speyr with Medical Students

Thank you.

Please find all you need here at and may God bless another decade of devotion to the study of Adrienne von Speyr. May she pray for us and this mission to know the Lord more fully and follow him more closely.