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Please forgive the delays on  I have recently moved to a new position as an assistant professor of Roman Catholic Systematic Theology at St. John's University in Queens, NY.  Development of this site will resume in earnest.

In celebration of the feast of the Birth of Mary (Sept. 8), please accept this quotation from Adrienne von Speyr's Handmaid of the Lord:

Geburt der Jungfrau by Francisco de Zurbaran"All forms of Christian fruitfulness--physical as well as spiritual, virginal as well as marital--are patterned on Mary.  They are all included in her as the perfected woman, in such a way that her perfections go out from her like rays and strike all the faithful regardless of age, gender or state of life, to develop in them in the most diverse ways.  For every individual and for every united group of people, a particular path from the Mother to them and from them to the Mother is visibly indicated.  A readiness for surrender on the part of the person is always assumed in this, but in such a way that it is included in the overflowing grace of the Mother, who has already surrendered herself.  It is she who possesses the fullness of fruitfulness, and we take part in it through a bashful wish, an attempt, a beginning at devotion and surrender.  Her fruitfulness and ours are related similarly to grace and merit: grace does not work without our cooperation, but this is itself an operation of grace and is included in its greater, sustaining sphere.  Therefore, we must see in her the mediatrix of self-surrender..." (von Speyr, Handmaid, p. 170).


are there dissertations on von speyr?

Yes, as far as I have been able to find, there are a few dissertations (one of which is my own). They are:

Berg, Blaise R. "Christian Marrige according to Adrienne von Speyr," S.T.D. diss., Lateran Pontifical University, John Paul II Institute of Studies on Marriage and Family, Rome, 2003.

Matro, Justin. “Christian Suffering in the Spiritual Writings of Adrienne von Speyr.” S.T.D. diss., Gregorian Pontifical University, Rome, 1999.

Miles, L. M. "Obedience of a Corpse: The Key to the Holy Saturday Writings of Adrienne von Speyr." Ph.D. diss., University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, 2013. PDF available

Schiettecatte, J. “Disponibilité aimante: L’attitude d’amour johannique chez Adrienne von Speyr à la lumière de l’exégèse contemporaine.” S.T.D. diss., Teresianum Pontifical University, Rome, 1998.

Schmidt, William. “The Sacrament of Confession as Sequela Christi in the Writings of Adrienne von Speyr.” S.T.D. diss., Lateran Pontifical University, John Paul II Institute of Studies on Marriage and Family, Rome, 1999.

Sutton, Matthew. "The Gate of Heaven Opens to the Trinity: The Trinitarian Mysticism of Adrienne von Speyr." Ph.D. diss., Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, 2007.

Others in process. I look forward to promoting more dissertations on von Speyr's vast theological and mystical work.


There has been some delay in getting this website up and running with more tools for scholarly research of Adrienne von Speyr.  I have recently moved for my new position in the Department of Theology at the College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University (  My apologies for the delay.

On the docket for website development:

1) Provide more extensive biography of Adrienne von Speyr with hyper links.

2) Compile and upload full list of exciting (scholarly speaking, of course) von Speyr and von Balthasar links.

3) Upload complete Adrienne von Speyr bibliography with reviews and hyper links.


I am always struck by the central theme of obedience in von Speyr's works. 

I recently did a presentation as a guest lecturer for the Carmelite sisters in Milwaukee.  For the presentation, I chose the evangelical virtue of obedience and used the chapter on obedience in Adrienne von Speyr's book They Followed His Call.  The focus of the class was on the first sentence, "To be a child of God means to be obedient, to draw on an obedience that has its source in the obedience of the Son himself, in order to live by it." (Speyr, They Followed His Call, 58).  Our obedience as children of God must imitate the obedience of the true child of God, the Son, and this imitation is of the crucified Son who "became obedient unto death, even death on a cross" (Phil 2:8).  These Carmelite sisters, who have committed themselves to redeeming the world by their daily obedience to God through their Mother Superior, were really moved by the Holy Spirit in what Adrienne von Speyr had to say about obedience.  Through this presentation on her theme of obedience I could see them widening their horizon of daily obedience to take in the great landscape of the eternal obedience of the Son of God. 


Many of God’s blessings to you.

I welcome you to this site dedicated to the theological study and promotion of Adrienne von Speyr and her writings. 

Within this site (as it is built up), there will be a great many sources for those interested in learning more about von Speyr and also for those interested in theologically cultivating the spiritual seeds contained in von Speyr’s writings.

If you have begun reading Adrienne von Speyr, you already know that in her writings the face of the Trinity encounters you with love and invitation.  Please enter into this site in order to encounter more fully this triune face of love.

If you are interested in studying and further developing your scholarship on von Speyr, you know that this is best done in a community of scholars who see their study vivified by the center of the Church and always at the service of the Church.  Please enter into this site in order to help you more fully enter into von Speyr’s writings.  May this site also be at your service to promote your scholarship on her.

As I begin to build this site into what many theology scholars as well as friends of Adrienne von Speyr are looking for, I am interested in any help you would like to give.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen.