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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"I commit it to you for your entire disposition"

Let it be so completely entrusted to you that you can utilize it without regard for the giver, like anything you please, which you are free to use or not; I pray you, consider it your property, just as I, alas, considered it my property as long as it was in my hands. I would like to leave it in your hands without counting the cost and without ulterior motives and from now on see in all reality, in things and days and nights, northing but your property, which is yours to do with as you please and which by that very fact alone acquires new meaning.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Man: Prayers, 48

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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"to you I return it all"

Not by scorning it and casting it away, for I would like to offer it to you just as I received it, as little damaged as possible, with no other meaning and value than those you intended when you gave it to me. I would also like to offer it to you in as living a way as I received it from you.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 48

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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"you have given me all that I have and possess"

Lord, you have given me the things I need in order to live--daily nourishment, life with all its small, often unnecessary comforts. You have also given me time out of your own store of time, the days to wrk and the nights to rest. you have given me thoughts, prayer, and, finally, everything I myself am and have and become. All this is your gift, and I have no right to anything. I have earned none of it for myself and have received nothing from anyone but you.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 47-48

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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"my memory, my understanding, and my entire will"

Take my memory, so that it may no longer be filled up with things that belong to me but may be cleared out and made ready for you again, ready to hold only what you store in it. Take it as you would take an object that until now has served a particular end but that has just been freed up for any sort of employment you have in mind for it. And take my understanding, which clung to so many things and tried to grasp so many things that were not of you. May it become an understanding of your service, which is at your disposal, so that it takes in only what you want to enrich it with and what can be of service to you. Therefore, let everything it contains that is incompatible with you and your intentions sink into oblivion. Take also my will, which was so often just self-will, which over and over again distanced itself from you. Take it away from me at last and fashion from it a particle, as it were, of your will, which is always filled with doing the Father's will.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayer, 47

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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"my entire liberty"

The freedom of my days, the freedom of my thoughts, the freedom of my work, even the freedom of my prayer. Make out of all this freedom a pure service of your freedom; dispose freely of my freedom; see in it nothing beyond my wish to serve you. This is the choice I now make: to commit my entire freedom to you.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 46

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Suscipe of Saint Ignatius

"Take, Lord, receive"

Take my whole life, take it, I pray you, just as it is now, with everything that goes into it, with my powers, my desires and efforts, but also with everything in me that still tends away from you, everything I have laid in reserve for myself; take all of this, along with everything else, which I now offer you. Take everything and make it entirely yours.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 46

prayer at the approach of death

Lord, because we take your death so lightly that we rarely even think about it, the thought of our own death is also strange and distant. Even when stern messengers forewarn us, we manage to stifle the thought of our death and to go on living as if our earthly existence would never end.

And yet one day we realize that we have to die; grant, Lord, that we will not be wholly unprepared. Let us understand our death in relation to your death: let us know that you died for us all and that when we die we have no choice but to be with you.

You have transformed the punishment of our death into the grace of the eternal life to come. You permit us to rejoice in this gift of yours. Even when the passage proves difficult, even when the pains become overpowering, while the anguish increases and uncertainty masters us, let all this agony happen if you will it so, so that you may get something from our life, a late fruit that is a last at your disposal.

Let us die just as you will, whether in fear or in absolute pain or in sleep or perceiving death approach hour by hour. But however it may turn out, let us not abandon the thought of you but rather know that every death, even death in darkness, is your property and has already been experienced in you on the Cross.

Let us die as believers whose faith also shines upon the others who assist at our death, brings them help now, and perhaps later, when their own hour comes, gives them consolation.

Lord, make known your presence to all who survive us; help them to weather their grief, be with them to the end of their days. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 44-46

prayer of an old nun

Dear God, you know that I became a nun in order to serve you and that my decision was not exactly easy.

You gave me confidence back then; I knew that you had chosen this way for me yourself. And you have given me from day to day my whole life long new courage to try to offer you everything.

But you know how it goes in a life that is supposed to be consecrated to you: both the small and the relatively big sacrifices recur in a sort of regular rhythm, so that one gets a little used to them.

And now you are asking for a really big sacrifice: I am supposed to put back in your hands my life as a nun just as you gave it to me. I cannot walk any longer, I cannot work, I cannot choose myself what to offer to you throughout the day. Sacrifice has now taken on a different form: I must simply accept everything and can only offer you again and again the prayer that all may be done according to your will.

Show me, I ask you, how to do this, so that you may be pleased, so that you can recognize in me your own service, so that it is no longer I, but you in me, who perform it, you with your Mother and with all the saints.

This doing will thus become fruitful and partake of the fruitfulness of every hour of your life.

I pray you, do not let me grow weary, even in my weariness, of offering up everything to you. And bless this suffering, for your whole Church and for all who seek the way to you. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 42-44

prayer for times of weariness

Dear God, I am too weary to pray, And you learned on the Cross how great weariness can be.

I beg you, let all your angels and all your saints so adore you that nothing is missing from adoration. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 42

prayer for the right use of illness

Lord, bless the sick. All who know or feel that they are sick, all who are in pain, all who are about to die.

Bless them not merely with enough strength to endure the pain, bless them also so that they may learn to bear it for you and to see in suffering a grace. Show them that every suffering has been given a meaning by your suffering on the Cross, a meaning that the Father has integrated into the meaning of your own suffering and has made useful for the redemption of the world.

Show them that, if they are willing to suffer in your name, pain and illness become fruitful; that you can use them to help others, to lighten their load, to unblock paths that would otherwise be closed.

Give them not only strength and courage but also patience. Give them, lastly, love for the sufferings that are asked of them: the love that can spring only from your love and can bear fruit only together with your love-- even though this fruit is hidden from their sight, even though they do not know where you intend to use the grace that comes from their suffering.

May your grace enable them to radiate such love in the midst of their illness that others are infected by it, that their suffering helps to transfigure the suffering of others, that it reveals to the nurses and doctors who work with them a reality that until now they had not known, that it becomes a fresh revelation to their visitors of the meaning of life and death.

Give them all such a state of maturity that they may accept absolutely everything as coming from your hand and see in every pain something that surpasses all pain; your grace. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 40-42

prayer through mary to christ 1 of 2

Through Mary to Christ


Lord, before you became man and entered into your Passion, you invited your Mother to serve you as mother, to bear your sacrifice with you, but also to share with you your joys.

And the grace with which you endowed her and by which she became your Mother is so inexhaustibly great that there is room in it for all who seek you, for all who in their faith desire to offer you sacrifices. The sacrifice of a life in your service, perhaps even the sacrifice of giving up this service, or the sacrifice of unforeseen humiliations and sufferings.

And because you so loved your Mother and granted her such a pure love for you, we ask you, Lord, to receive us, too, every day into this grace, to show us a place in your relationship to your Mother, a place that allows us to offer up anew each one of her sacrifices, to experience together with you each one of her joys, and to do forever precisely what the Mother, with you, and with the Father and the Spirit and all the citizens of heaven, expect of us. Grant us the joy and the grace of serving today and in eternity. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 39-40

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Through Mary to Christ


Through you, Mother, we have come to your Son. You conceived him, you carried him, you gave birth to him, you accompanied him throughout his life, in order to bring him to us and to give him to us.

And also in order to show us how a man can bear and understand him, how a man can place his life within the life of your Son, so as to receive it from him.

In order to convey to us the gift of his infancy, of his years at home with you, the fight of his public life and of the hour of his Passion. At every phase of his life you were so involved that everything his presence conveyed found room in your receptive heart. Yet not for you, but for us.

By your Yes, you placed yourself so totally at the disposal of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, that the triune God gave us to the Son right through you.

You led us to him, but you were always so much in God, so much within your mission and your own Yes, that your only desire was to act as the conveyor of the gift and not as the original giver.

Yet for that very reason your act of conveying also became a gift that came from your humility and that your humility gave us. A gift to us, but also a gift to God.

And we would like to ask you today to accept into your Yes all that makes up our lives, not just its joys, but also its sacrifices, the roads we take that we had not reckoned on before. Do this so that we may once again come to your Son through you. So that through you, who knew so well how to carry out the Son's will, we, too, may now accept anew everything he intends for us in the will of the Father, may now will it anew because it is his will. But also that through you we may will anew, with you, grateful that everything you did occurred entirely within his mission.

And when the sacrifice costs more than we thought, when it is harder to bear than we imagined, we want to remember that you did not shrink in fear from any sacrifice, and that you did everything in the joy of your Yes. And we want to ask you to intercede for us with the Father, with your Son, and with the Spirit, so that we may be permitted to live by your strength, to come in reality to the Son through you, and to do in him what you have done from him all along.

And when you see your angel, Mother, remember that his appearance assured you of the way. Ask him to surround us with care out of love for you, just as he did for you, to intercede for us just as he interceded for you and, by his appearing, gave you the power to say Yes in faith to everything. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 36-38

prayer in passing time

Father, you have entrusted to us this passing time as a gift of your grace and presence. As you live in eternal time, so we--as long as we live--must exist in transitory time. Not abandoned by you, but in a connection with you that you prepared and provided from creation and that has gained new density and strength through the coming of your Son.

And if the years vanish in their course, they are still only successions of days that pass right through us as we pass through them in order to seek constantly what you have to show us, to experience constantly your love in new ways, to remain constantly in your embrace, just as the whole of time remains in the embrace of eternity.

We know that we are in your hand, that you shape all things, that you demand of us only the attempt to love you as steadfastly as we can. Not you in isolation, but you with your Son and your Spirit in the unity you manifest from the primordial beginning of eternity.

Our love can only be response and requital, because you, triune, eternal Love, always love us first; but do not permit this answer to wane in us; rather, let it be so vigorous that you can always perceive in it the reflected brilliance of your light. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 34-35

prayer for indifference

Lord, you know that I would like to serve you but that I am still attached to my work and to my judgment; that I am constantly scurrying back into myself to survey everything for my angle of vision: that I do this in order not to do that, that I desire this and loathe that.

Whereas you showed us in every moment of your earthly life, and especially on the Cross, what it means to do the will of another. For you this other was the Father, the Father who is so perfect that you regarded every one of his decisions as perfect and accepted it in advance, without sizing it up first yourself.

Not because of any judgment you might have arrived at after trying and weighing each case, but out of love. Your love for the Father took the place of your personal scrutiny once and for all.

And you have also given the gift of this love to your saints; and your saint Ignatius has spoken and has written about it and has shown how the will of the superior, the will of the Father, the divine will pure and simple, is the decision motive for the one who loves, for the one who no longer cares for anything but the wish of the beloved.

Grant us a share in this power of your Sonship, allow us to learn to love the Father in the way that you love him, to come to home through you and your filial attitude, to become obedient by the strength of your perfect obedience, to become indifferent by your indifference.

Grant that we may no longer seek our own interests in anything, but that, together with your saint Ignatius, our interest may go immediately to you, and we ourselves may become indifferent to the very core of our heart; not in order to lose all interest in you and the world, but in order to begin, at long last, to love you and the Father in the Holy Spirit above all things. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 29-31

prayer for renewal of the spirit

Dear Lord, you see how we get used to everything. It was with joy that we once took up your service, firmly resolved to be totally dedicated to you. But because every day brings nearly the same thing over and over again, it seems that our prayer has contracted.

We limit it to ourselves and to what we deem necessary for the task we have to perform right now, so that in the end our prayer has been reduced to the dimensions of this small chore.

We beseech you now, do not permit us to become so narrow. Give us new breadth, give us once more something of the elastic vigor of Mary's Yes, which is ready for the entire divine will, which always remains as wide as it was when it was first pronounced, and which is ratified anew every day. Whether Mary rejoiced or was afraid or hoped, whether she was tired from her daily round of duties or was being led to the Cross: she always stood before you as if for the first time, was always obedient to whatever you said, always hoped to be allowed to do all that you wished, always saw behind every one of your wishes, even the most insignificant, the great, unlimited will of the Father, which you, her Son, were fulfilling.

Grant that we may contemplate and affirm you and your Church, and carry out the requirements of our mission in an ever new spirit, the spirit of the Mother's Yes. Grant also that we may pray for this spirit. We know that wherever you send your Spirit, you yourself are present. The Spirit brought you to your Mother, the Spirit enabled her to carry you, to give birth to you, to surround you with care. And because you recognized your own Spirit in her, you formed your Church from her.

And since you have called us into this Church: make of every one of us a place where the Spirit of your Church blows, where, together with you and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the will of your Father, of our Father, is done, so that we may dare to pray in earnest: "You, our Father, who art in heaven..." Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 27-29

prayer to the risen lord

Lord, we thank you for the Easter feast. We thank you that after your death and your descent into hell, after tasting to the full every kind of abandonment, you have returned to us; that you have remembered our insignificant abandonment and overwhelmed it with the radiant fullness of your presence.

Although you suffered the death that we caused by the burden of our sins, you come back to us as our brother with the fight of your redemption. You do not make us pay for having brought you to the Cross but let us take part in your joy. You celebrate a reunion with us as if we had never been unfaithful, as if we had always awaited you with faithful trust, as if we were capable of adding something ourselves to your joy.

Lord, make us grateful. Let the thanks we owe you and your Mother always accompany us from now on, let them bear fruit, let them be the pervasive spirit of our service.

Let us be redeemed men who truly fill their whole life with your redemptional follow you wherever you go, and attempt to do your will, just as you do the Father's will.

Do not let us merely enjoy the fruit of your Passion and of your redemption; let us try starting today, to know you as our brother, as our true redeemer ever in our midst, and always to bear in mind that you are present and that you have repaid our unfaithfulness with fidelity and our unbelief with even greater grace.

Let every day, whether hard or easy, dawn as a day that holds the express, or even hidden, joy of knowing that you have redeemed us and, returning to the Father, have taken us back with you. We ask you now for your Easter blessing; may it include the blessing of the Father and of the Spirit. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 25-27

prayer before the tabernacle

Lord, I would like to thank you for your presence, for seeing in this house the house of your Father and for dwelling in it; you did not want to be far from us and hidden with the Father and the Holy Spirit, but to continue to abide in our midst as the way that leads to the Father. As the way by which we also come into possession of the Holy Spirit.

I would like to thank you for being here, concealed in the mystery the Host, yet so very present that it is you yourself who teach us to pray and who help us to live. So very present that we come in order to receive and to take the gifts your presence brings us: the assurance of faith, the love of your dwelling among us.

Lord, you know how weak we are and how far we have turned away, you know that w consider everything else more important than you; yet you keep leading us back to this place where you abide in rode to change us.

Lord, let your Holy Spirit take possession of us once and for all, so that on all our ways we may know that you are walking with us, that you help and answer us. For you do not make us worship you like some distant sovereign but are a brother who loves us and who accompanies us constantly.

Let us live for this love that unites you with the Father in the Holy Spirit. Let us precise it, t least sense its presence everywhere, so that we may no longer hinder its working but may pervious to your grace; so penetrable that weigh your help we may live in your service and collaborate in your work. In this way we will lead to you more who love you, in order to multiply in the world that love which desires to encounter you, the Father, and the Spirit.

Your presence here is the presence of your love for us, it is wholly an act of love, which also embraces every state, every disposition of love.

When you became man and dwelt among us as a child, your Mother was at your side. She lavished on you the purest love, but even this love was a gift of your presence, a gift that you made her.

It was a mother's love that smoothed your way, that served you, that had no other interest than caring for you, while adoring the Father in the Son. You formed this maternal love to be a example for us too. Teach us to look at your Mother, let us draw our love for you from hers, let us adore you with her and together with her be well pleasing to you in the same service of love. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 22-25

prayer at evening

All who believe in you, Lord, see how night is falling; their daily work is through, grant them rest. A rest that comes from you, that accompanies them, that relieves them of the burden of the day, of its cares and its anxiety, and leaves them wholly refreshed.

Give them wholesome thoughts and fruitful prayer. Let them feel you nearby. Let them learn of your kindness. Let them fall asleep thinking of you. And when the wake again, may they know that you were at their side and that you will order everything again for the coming day and will not abandon them but will come to their aid.

You can do this: you can give them new strength, give them a new outlook on things, allow them to begin again.

Be with those who sleep and with those who cannot sleep. And if they cannot sleep because they are racked by worry, ease their anxiety.

And if they cannot sleep because they are in pain, show them the meaning that you yourself put inside suffering, so that, through the pains they must now undergo, they may feel your presence.

Give them profitable thoughts that can follow them even in the severest torments. Welcome graciously whoever dies this night, bring him to the Father as your brother, efface his sins from your memory, grant him a new life that lasts for ever.

And be with your Church. Be inside all those darkened churches that are empty of men during the night, the churches i which you alone keep vigil with your small sanctuary lamp. Fill the whole space with your presence so that those who enter tomorrow morning may receive the gift of a new strength in prayer.

Be with your whole Church, who is your bride, let her live as a bride, never led astray by any temptation. Grant her above all the gift of that love which united you with your Mother, the love by which the Mother became a bride for you, just as today your entry holy Church is destined to become your bride.

Sanctify the whole creation of your Father; live in everything your Father has created as a sign that his work is good, as confirmation of the reality of the redemption

And let the Hoy Spirit blow through the world so that it might be converted and that you might bring back to the Father his redeemed creation in its fulfillment. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 20-22.

prayer after communion

Father, you have given us the gift of your living Son, and you allow him to come to us again and again in the Host. You bestow him, not as just any life, but as life of your life.

Let us welcome him in the fullness of his divine power, which he possesses through his abandonment. Let us yield to him, so that he can work in us by the Holy Spirit. So that, despite all our failings, he may feel at home in us and can go forth from our heart to carry out your will in us; so that we may do nothing to frustrate or diminish his work in us.

Do not permit us to measure everything in our limited way, to take precautions and to feel worries that have nothing to do with him. Let us, as far as we are able, emulate and follow him.

There are so many whom you grant today the grace of receiving him; allow each one of them to take along all the others who are hindered from coming, who are not admitted, or who do not yet know your Son as they do.

We thank you, Father, that you let your Son become man, that you allowed him to make the sacrifice of the Cross and also granted him the sacrifice of the altar. We thank you for every grace that each one of us receives through him.

But leave our thirst for these graces, permit us always to yearn for them; not only for ourselves but for all those for whom your Son died on the Cross and who, by the power of the triune God, will rise again with him and through him.

Father, bless every communion, make the meaning of the Eucharist come every more alive in your Church. And do not let this vital sense be bound to the limits of our knowing and willing, but let it pour itself out unhindered from its source: eternal life.

In our thanksgiving we are united with all those who know you and who are permitted to receive the benefits of your Son's mission. And with all those who endeavor to consecrate their lives to you as a proof of their thanks.

Grant us the strength to give these thanks a form in which you can recognize your Son's hand at work and can perceive in the spirit of our thanks your Holy Spirit and can use us for whatever you will.

Give us a willingness that comes from your Son's willingness, let us become loving by sharing in the love with which he achieved his mission, the mission to love you in perfect obedience and thereby to redeem us for you. Amen.

  • Adrienne von Speyr, With God and With Men: Prayers, 17-19

prayer before the sermon

When you preached on earth, Lord, you found the divine words that were able to reach the hearts of your hearers. Your truth moved them deeply and prompted them to follow you and to live for you.

Lord, bless now the words of the preacher. Allow him to forget himself, his mediocrity, the effect he would like to produce, so that he can speak solely and in all truth of you and your doctrine.

So that he can say the things that all his listeners await, something that truly comes from you, laden with your love, filled with your wisdom, which is not the wisdom of this world.

Grant, Lord, that the Holy Spirit may pervade him, so that he may become a true mediator of your word. But give to us, his hearers, a good spirit, so that we may really hear your word and not simply indulge our mania for criticism--in our irritation at the mediocrity of what he has said and at the faulty manner in which he expressed it--to the point where we see only the preacher and his weakness, and nothing more of your word and Spirit.

Instead, let this hour become a holy hour in which the mediator and the hearer are united in your Spirit.

Helps us to welcome your word as the living word of God and allow it to work in us, so that we may take it home with us; so that a bit of the Church may spring up wherever we are; so that our week may be filled with the gift your grace gives us today.

Let us not forget what we have heard but rather build on it; give us the love it takes to build, let this love work in us.

Remain the light of our days, become the goal of our love, and bestow on us through this homily a new life in your faith, a life that is both prayer and work in your love. Amen.